Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Leadership merit!!!

Last Friday the year fours to eights had swimming sports. It was a hard and fun day, the team leaders and I were helping out the young kids by getting  all the stuff ready for them before they race. We had a lot of support from parents and the students.

We hit lunch time and we all went outside to eat food and talk strategy, of how we were going to win our races. The year 8's were ready to race, when I hopped in the pool ready for my race I was pumped and everyone was thinking that I was going to win.

The clappers went BANG!!! All of the 6 boys in my race were off, we all tried our best and I won and Dominic came 2nd. Next the year 8 boys and I were getting ready for our  backstroke, we all got in the pool and got ready for the clappers.

BANG!!! The clappers were louder than ever, I went as fast as could possibly go, I'm screaming down the length of the pool. I touch the end of the pool and looked up I was 2 meters in front of everyone. I hopped out of the pool and went to my seat to get ready for the relays.

When me and the squad get ready for are relay, we start talking trash to the girls team because we thought we were going to win. Little did I know the girls team was amazing, so we start the race and Samara starts for the girls team and Dominic starts for the boys team.

Samara got a good lead in the relays, Dom tags Victor Victor try's his best and spends down the lane as fast as he can. He  tags Ryan Ryan jumps in going as fast as he can but Sam L was just too fast and she tags Sam W Sam W gets 3 quarters of the way there before I even get tagged, we came 3rd it was a good race between the rooms.