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Thursday, 3 March 2016

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we were helping the little kids in the food forest.

We were pulling corn out of the 
maize maze.

we were pulling weeds out of the food forest to make it cleaner and more presenting to people.

                                               The year 8s were doing gardening whilst the year 7s were on camp we had to pull weeds out and pull corn out of the maize maze. Then we went down to the little kids part
of the school and helped them with there learning. They are learning about healthy eating and counting to 20 i found it a little boring to be honest. We also had to do some fun games duck duck goose and skipping on the count, (not with a skipping rope) so we were skipping on the spot fun... We also had to teach them how to write words they didn't know like grass and monkey etc etc. And we have been doing this for two days now and tomorrow is our last day. 

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